35.Regina Remo(non-registered)
I love it, you do some beautiful work.
34.Aisha Irving(non-registered)
I would like to get prices for a family photo shoot with Mr and my 3 munchkins
25.Paige McCowan(non-registered)
24.Yulanda Roach(non-registered)
Thanks I am so honored to have had you be part of my 15 yr celebration ! Thanks for your professionalism I look forward to working with you soon!!!
23.Martiveon K. Walker
Beautiful work. You can tell you love what you're doing and it shows in your work. So proud of you. May God take your career above and beyond your wildest dreams.
22.orLando IvorY(non-registered)
Nice Pics..
21.Natalie Hatcher Burns(non-registered)
What awesome work you do! I love how you brought each picture to life! Keep up the good work! I truly enjoyed each and every one!
I really love the pic u took of me with my yellow on and my sun hat after church@ CDT!!! Thanks for capturing another side of me! #EasterSunday
19.Nikki Smith(non-registered)
Friend of Will's : You have a God-given talent to capture beauty in the simple things. Your photos are amazing and I am looking forward to having you shot for my graduation pictures next semester. Creativity at its best!
18.Necia Webster(non-registered)
What beautiful creativity you have within. You capture not only physical attribute of your clients, you bring out something within them like you said that tells a story..... Continue to do what you love because it shows in your work..... With much love cousin Necia!
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